About Us


Ningbo Huaymu is a developing &Focus on daily itemss company. Since its establishment in 2015, it has exported nearly 5,000 products, covering household, kitchen items, party items, pets and other products suitable for e-commerce sales.

Combined with our stable supplier system and export system, to provide customers with complete supply chain services

Our aim is to offer our customers unique products and designs while focusing on quality and value. With more than 10 years of industry experience and further expertise gained in international trade, supply chain management and due diligence on manufacturers, we have won the praise of all our customers

At NINGBO HUAMU, our mission is to be the most reliable supplier. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with excellent customer service as well as fast performance and easy to use features. We offer custom projects, competitive analysis, innovative design and packaging concepts.

We believe the details matter because it's the details that make the difference between good and bad. We travel the world bringing the best and most innovative products to market. We always pay attention to the market and the rapidly changing trends, so we can constantly improve our products to meet the maximum needs of our customers.

While our products do evolve, our drive for innovation, our commitment to excellence and our commitment to value and quality will never change.